5 Services Provided by ADDEV Materials

How to deal with cost pressures A pull delivery process and custom sourcing are among the services for which Addev Materials is known, and which help you reduce your delivery times.


Below is a list of the 5 services provided by ADDEV Materials:


  • Reduction in delivery times
  • Kitting for additional time saving
  • Custom packaging
  • Easy inventory management
  • International delivery



Significant reduction in delivery times

As a leader in original equipment manufacturing, Addev Materials can deliver your parts or products directly to the production site from its warehouses located throughout the country and internationally. This ensures optimal delivery speed.




Kitting: for additional time saving

Kitting is a service that consists of grouping together all the items you need for your production in a single batch. Each operator thus has a ready-to-use kit containing the essential components.



Kitting allows you to:


  • simplify your order with a single reference number;
  • synchronize your logistics flows with production;
  • save money by avoiding oversized orders.



Custom product packaging

Addev Materials can provide you with packaging for NF EN 45-545 compliant products specially adapted to your use. This process has several advantages:



  • optimization of product preservation;
  • precise combination of components in the laboratory;
  • limited risk of contact between users and hazardous products;



Easy inventory management

Addev Materials can provide IT management of your stocks and can store your products in its warehouses, including hazardous materials.


By choosing Addev Materials, you will not need to manage your supply of raw materials and you will reduce the quantity of products stored. In addition to saving space:


  • you will have fewer products to manage at the end of their life cycle;
  • you will produce less waste;
  • you will save time and, therefore, money.



International delivery

Thanks to its technical product expertise, its customized service offering and its know-how in material transformation, Addev Materials is able to provide innovative solutions to railway and equipment manufacturers. Even internationally, Addev Materials can:


  • group your orders;
  • provide European and American references;
  • deliver to all of your sites, in France and around the world;




Our development and innovation teams will discuss any other needs you may have in addition to our transport, packaging and storage services. Do you have special requests? Don’t hesitate to contact us, because at Addev Materials each customer receives a customized response.