Converting techniques offered by ADDEV Materials: What additional services are provided ?

In addition to converting techniques, Addev Materials provides additional services. These services include both innovation and engineering aspects as well as production and logistics.


The Innov'Addev Lab


Addev Materials not only meets specifications, it is also an active partner that proposes solutions. Through a collaborative innovation approach, Addev Materials thus helps its customers take over new markets. The Innov'Addev Lab has four objectives:


  • collaboration between customers, suppliers, research laboratories and prestigious universities for the implementation of joint projects;
  • exploration of pillars of innovation in contact with industrial customers;
  • experimentation and characterization of new solutions in the Addev laboratory at Saint-Chamond (42);
  • implementation of these projects.


Custom prototyping / development


Want to test a solution at a lower cost? Addev Materials proposes a prototyping stage. The advantage of this solution is that it allows you to quickly assess the performance of a material in relation to your specifications.


In addition, Addev Materials is able to test the following properties, using its design office and laboratory:


  • surface energy;
  • material permeability;
  • resistance to aging;
  • chemical, physical or mechanical properties.


Storage of materials


Addev Materials manages the storage of your materials at sites throughout the country. Addev Materials can:


  • receive your products and ensure their control;
  • provide IT inventory management and product traceability;
  • store hazardous materials.


Logistics and transport


Addev Materials’ supply and transport services increase your productivity and responsiveness.


Transport of hazardous materials


Addev Materials can transport hazardous materials in compliance with aeronautical regulations. In France, the Addev Materials site in Toulouse is IATA approved and its teams are trained and certified to sign transport declarations.


Delivery on production line


Addev Materials delivers products on site to meet pull delivery needs. In addition, since it operates internationally, Addev Materials can make deliveries to your sites in France and worldwide.


Adapted packaging


Addev Materials can manage any kind of packaging and adapts to your needs.


Optimized packaging


Addev Materials optimizes packaging in order to provide you with products that meet your needs exactly:


  • adapted packaging;
  • compliance with pre-dosing;
  • compliance with quantities.


Lastly, Addev Materials provides all kinds of packaging for liquid product, such as tubes, syringes, cartridges, vials, etc.




To optimize your deliveries further, Addev Materials has a kitting service. Kitting consists of gathering all the products that an operator needs to perform a task for which it is responsible, in a single batch. It’s a simple way to reduce inventory, increase efficiency and achieve economies of scale.




The additional services offered by Addev Materials support you in France and abroad and are provided in addition to our product and process solutions.