Rail transport industry: what are the main manufacturer requirements when selecting a foam?

Adherence to smoke / fire protection standards, and protection against sound, heat and sealing are technical criteria to be taken into account when choosing a foam. ADDEV Materials offers a custom solution to all of your requirements, which is fully adapted to your specifications.

Foams that meet smoke / fire protection standards requirements

Compatibility with smoke and fire protection standards is a non-negotiable priority when selecting materials in the rail transport industry.

Foams are no exception to this rule: only smoke / fire-certified materials can be used (NF EN 45-545 in Europe).

A solution specifically adapted to meet your needs, reducing costs

Foams can be used for a variety of different applications in trains: on the floor, as a trim on the walls, or the ceiling, and the required properties can therefore differ. Thus, depending on whether the aim is to reduce vibrations, noise or improve thermal insulation, the materials selected are not the same.

Sometimes multi-use solutions exist, but they are often over-sized and therefore more expensive! It is therefore always preferable to opt for solutions adjusted to meet the specifications.

The means implemented by ADDEV Materials to meet these requirements

ADDEV Materials is a leader in the transformation of high-performance materials such as adhesive tapes and technical films, but our skills don’t stop there!

Our subsidiary ADDEV Profom based in Montreal, Canada has developed over the past more than 30 years genuine expertise in adhesive foam specially designed for assembling, sealing and joining solutions.

We support the customer in selecting the most suitable foam solution

ADDEV Materials teams travel to meet your needs and support you in developing a custom solution to address your specific scenario. In fact, ADDEV Materials undertakes to adapt its offering to the strict requirements of your specifications.

We add value in the following ways:

  • Assessment of the need, working with your teams
  • Our team of technical experts offer support
  • Prototyping & technical tests taking into account customer specifications
  • Preparation of a proposal for a fully custom offering
  • Cut-to-measure, following your specifications

Kitting: the delivery of ready-to-assemble foams, with a view to simplifying and optimizing the supply flows of your production lines. We negotiate the cost of the foams with the manufacturers

As the foams are made from lightweight materials, manufacturers have minimum order requirements, which tends to restrict choice for cost reasons.

That is why we group together our orders to optimize costs and be able to offer you the best possible rates.

We adapt our machines to the transformation of foam

From a technical point of view, the cutting and lamination of foam are operations that require the use of special machines capable of working with varied materials.

In fact, foams are materials that react differently to films. Although the cutting and lamination operations seem easy to perform, the excessively high constraints they present can, for example, cause significant shrinkage or even detachment.

In some cases, the equipment used for laminating rigid materials can however be adapted for the lamination of foam, but this requires expert knowledge of the variables comprising the process.









At ADDEV Materials, we work to use our expertise to advance our machines, keeping pace with the requirements of our customers.


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