Six Challenges Met by Tedlar® PVF Film

Railways, airlines, healthcare, hotels... all of these areas have something in common: receiving people. That said, in this acute health context, the hygiene of surfaces in contact with the public is a priority now more than ever. Tedlar® PVF is a durable protection solution for your surfaces. Below are six main challenges that this film meets with ease.

An easy-to-clean film


The main function of Tedlar® PVF is to facilitate the cleaning of surfaces. It is therefore an ideal solution for protecting regularly soiled surfaces (grease, food, graffiti, paint, etc.) as well as heavily trafficked sites.

Example: Tedlar® PVF coating on the inner walls of public transport such as airplanes, buses and trains.

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Tedlar® PVF: an antifungal and antibacterial film


Surfaces coated with Tedlar® PVF do not allow bacteria and fungi to develop. All the procedures used to verify this meet the requirements of the following standards:
•    ASTM G21: standard practice for determining resistance of synthetic polymeric materials to fungi;
•    UL 2824: standard practice for determining microbial resistance of the film through different sources using a static environmental chamber;
•    JIS Z 280: Japanese standard regarding “tests for antimicrobial activity and efficacy” (equivalent to ISO 22196);

This characteristic is particularly important in hospital settings to minimize the growth of pathogens.

A film resilient to physical and chemical stressors


Resistant to abrasion: Tedlar® PVF protects equipment and furniture in transport as it is scratchproof and less sensitive to intentional damage. It can also be used on floors and in heavily trafficked spaces such as elevators.

Resistant to chemical products: unlike materials like PVC, which can deteriorate with certain solvents, Tedlar® PVF has low sensitivity to these substances. This allows proper cleaning and use in the most dangerous chemical environments thanks to its resistance to:

•    bleach,
•    alcohols,
•    acetone and MEK,
•    acids and alkalis

Stands up to sterilization: the equipment used in hospitals and medical transportation must be regularly sterilized to avoid contamination. Tedlar® PVF is resilient to water vapor or dry heat sterilization.

UV resistant: Tedlar® PVF coatings applied on outdoor walls facilitate the cleaning of solar panels or graffiti, and do not degrade due to UV rays. Limited color loss due to UV.

A non-toxic film


Tedlar® PVF meets the requirements of the European Directive RoHS (2002/95/CE), which restricts the use of hazardous materials.

Tedlar® PVF is also Greenguard GOLD certified (in compliance with UL 2818). It can be used as finishing material by designers and architects as it emits low amounts of VOC chemical products.


In addition to being non-flammable, the fumes that can be released by the Tedlar® PVF are minimally toxic when consumed. According to ASTM E84 requirements, Tedlar® PVF is a Class A product.

The fire behavior of Tedlar® PVF is thus compatible with use in buildings.

Adaptability and versatility

Tedlar® PVF is a versatile film that can be adapted in several ways. For example:

•    it can become adhesive => this allows it to adhere to panels, for example;
•    it can be laminated or complexed => to make a flexible or rigid multilayer material;
•    it can be divided or pre-divided => into layers or any shape;

Example: Layer laminated with Tedlar® PVF to protect reception desks.


Tedlar® PVF is a highly resistant, multifunction film, which is non-toxic, adaptable and, most of all, it can be easily cleaned and sterilized. It's the ideal solution for all uses that require outstanding hygiene.

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