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ADDEV Materials

Who are we ?

ADDED Value on Materials

We are designer & converter of customized value added solutions for industrial performance.

Expert in high performance materials converting, we provide :





Key figures
An ambitious and responsible growth

ADDEV Materials development is a combination of strong organic and external growth. By promoting our technical expertise and investing in many customized cutting and converting technologies, we offer our customers innovative, value added and responsible solutions. Implemented in Europe and North America, ADDEV Materials acts as a “multilocal” player, combining proximity and responsiveness toward major international accounts.

“We have grown continuously, embracing our ambition to be close to our partners. Today, the group has more than 650 employees in 15 industrial compagnies, who really drive the pace of our business, who take our customers’ satisfaction seriously, who are close to our markets, who grow as our environment evolves and most importantly do all this as a team.”


Pascal Nadobny, C.E.O. ADDEV Materials

Human Added Value

Our development has been fostered by combining our knowledge, expertise and experience. The added value of the men and women that comprise our teams is the source of what makes us stand out. We provide innovative solutions customized to our customer industrial challenges.  


Value chain

A major link

ADDEV Materials is positioned at the heart of the value chain with the goal of becoming one of its major links as a key partner in the strategic markets of (Aerospace, Energy, Automotive, railway, Industry, Construction & habitat, Railway, Medical)

To achieve this, ADDEV Materials continuously improves its solutions offering of high value-added Products, Processes and Services:


Value Chain ADDEV Materials


  1. Rely on partnerships with suppliers to source and provide the best product.
  2. Continuously improve expertise in both products and processes to be able to offer customers the best technical solution.
  3. Optimise material properties to meet the requirements of the toughest specifications, through adhesive application, lamination, coating etc.
  4. Custom-cut and repackage products to satisfy customers’ needs and deliver the material in its most finished form possible.
  5. Use our network in France and international subsidiaries, offices and agents to be close to our partners.
  6. Offer out-sourced logistics services: repackaging materials to fit customers’ process requirements (kitting), transporting materials in special conditions, etc.


Our added value

Our strategic markets


ADDEV Materials continues to pursue its objective of developing its added-value offering on its strategic markets, intervening as an industrial specialist in  high performance material converting processes (insulating materials, technical films, adhesives, glues, etc.).