Butyl sealants

Butyl sealants

Butyl sealants are elastomer-based (polyisobutene) plastic sealants (sometimes called butyl rubber) used for sealing applications due to their excellent resistance to UV, moisture and ageing.


Unlike other types of sealant, butyl sealant sealant does not cure (i.e. its properties do not change over time). Since the formulation of butyl sealant means that it is already a plastic, the term “plastic sealant” is used since its mechanical performance is that of a permanent plastic reaction.

The adherence properties of butyl sealants means that they can bond to metals, concrete, glass, wood, ceramics and plastics (polyethylene, etc.).


Butyl sealant sealant is available in the form of rolls, strips (adhesive coated or not) or in a cartridge.

High flexibility
Gas tightness (low permeability)
Good resistance against ageing
Plasticizers resistant

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Typical applications

  • Bonding and sealing windscreens
  • Vibration damping
  • Sealing (frames, doors, panels, window seats...)         
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