Two-parts acrylic adhesives

Two-parts acrylic adhesives

Two-part acrylic adhesive is a structural adhesive based on acrylic resin and a hardener, kept in two separate packs or compartments and which cure at room temperature when they are mixed. An activator such as heat can be used to shorten the hardening time.


This acrylic adhesive is suited to the structural bonding of a large number of materials (metals, wood, plastics, glass, etc.). Moreover, its characteristics - notably its high mechanical strength - make it an ideal choice for demanding applications in a large number of industries.


Depending on the application, we supply products with different mix ratios: 1:1 ratio and 10:1 ratio.

Resistance to plasticizers
Good peel strength
Good shear strength
Good resistance to shock
Good resistance to weather and moisture
Good resistance to high temperatures

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Typical applications

  • Bonding motor magnets
  • Bonding rear-view mirrors
  • Production of furniture
Some of our references


3M™ DP810
3M™ DP8005
3M™ DP8810
Penloc® GTR

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ADDEV Materials offers customised packaging and component quantities to meet your requirements.