Corrosion resistance products

Corrosion phenomena induced by the environment have a significant impact on the condition of surfaces and are one of the main reasons why metal structures degrade, particularly in aeronautics.


Corrosion resistance products are thus essential since they provide long-term protection for structures and mitigate the significant costs of repair work by slowing or even halting corrosion processes.


A great many corrosion resistance products are available: corrosion inhibitors, lubricants, oils, etc.

Corrosion resistance products are becoming increasingly complex to keep pace with the evolving complexity of modern aerostructures, which use various metals such as steel, aluminium, titanium and even composite materials.


We distribute a wide range of corrosion resistance products manufactured by the major suppliers such as Chemetall, Nycote®, Henkel Bonderite, Socomore, 3M™ Aerospace, Armite, etc.


By applying our in-depth expertise, we can assist you by recommending the solutions best suited to preventing corrosion in your applications, notably in specific locations.