Modified alkyd varnishes

Modified alkyd varnish is a one-part impregnation varnish or finishing varnish developed for electrical insulation systems. This resin offers long-term stability and has a relative temperature index of 155°C-180°C (UL).

It dries in air, provides good resistance to tracking and contains a fungicide which does not harm the environment. It produces a shiny surface finish, provides excellent protection from leakage currents and is particularly useful in terms of protecting metal surfaces from oxidation.

It is suitable for the impregnation of parts at room temperature. When coating components, applying a maximum temperature of 80°C accelerates the drying process.

The product may be applied by dipping, as a jet, as a spray or using a brush.


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Typical applications

  • Electrical insulation of transformers
  • Electrical insulation of motors
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