Nokamex laminates are high-performance insulating materials. Nokamex Duplex consists of a polyimide film (a coloured polymer with exceptional properties) such as Kapton and an aramid paper such as Nomex, calendered on one of its faces. This combination produces an insulating material which offers the optimal balance of electrical resistance, heat resistance and mechanical strength.

The polyimide film in these 2- and 3-layer laminates gives the product high dielectric and tensile strength and good tear resistance. The Nomex laminated paper provides durable thermal stability and improves the tear resistance.

Nokamex is widely used in the manufacture and repair of motors and generators of various sizes and temperature classes. Since generators demand higher levels of performance than H-class applications (180°C), they account for one of the most important applications of this laminate, along with locomotives.

Nokamex insulating materials can be custom cut to meet your specification. As individual shapes or rolls or as NK or NKN laminated sheets, ADDEV Materials can provide a bespoke solution.

Typical applications

  • Electrical insulation of motors
  • Generators
  • Transformers
  • Motors
  • Transformers
  • Heat management of motors  
  • Locomotives
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The purpose of laminating is to combine materials to enhance the properties of a single film.

Lamination is a process whereby an adhesive layer is applied to a material.