Nomex® flexible insulation papers and Nomex®-based laminates were developed by DuPont™, are made from aromatic polyamide and offer: excellent thermal stability (from -196°C to 300°C); impressive mechanical toughness; flame resistance and good dielectric strength.


This combination of properties makes Nomex® an ideal electrical insulator for a wide range of applications ranging from transformers and  generators to wind turbines and hybrid vehicles.


Cold or hot formable, we offer a diverse range of Nomex® products:

  • Variable thicknesses and densities (paper and cardboard)
  • Blended with mica for improved resistance to electrical discharges
  • Papers coated with thermoreactive resins (diamond  or full width)
  • The products in the Nomex® range can be custom-ordered.
Self extinguishing (UL94 V-0)
Excellent resistance to chemical products (acid, base, solvent)
Excellent mechanical strength (abrasion, tear, …)
Radiations resistant (gammas -> UV)
Excellent resistance to temperature (operating temperature -196 à 300 °C)
Very high dielectric strength

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Typical applications

  • Sealing
  • Packaging
  • Noise reduction & vibration damping


  • Electrical insulation (dry transformers or improving the performance of immersed transformers, etc.)
Some of our references


NOMEX® 410
NOMEX® 818
NOMEX® 411
NOMEX® 992
NOMEX® 993
NOMEX® 994

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We are commited to deliver converted or cut materials in their most finished possible form

For certain bonding operations, ADDEV Materials offers Corona or Plasma-type surface treatments.

Lamination is a process whereby an adhesive layer is applied to a material.