double sided adhesive tapes

Double sided adhesive tapes

Double-sided adhesive tapes, sometimes called double-coated adhesive tape, comprises a substrate or carrier coated with an adhesive on both faces. The materials used may vary, depending on the properties required of the tape. The same adhesive is generally used on both sides, but may be different (e.g. acrylic/silicone). The substrate is coated with an adhesive selected from one of the three main families: acrylic, silicone, rubber.

A release liner applied to one side of the double-sided adhesive tape stops the tape sticking to itself when the tape is wound onto a roll.

There are many different families of double-sided tape offering different characteristics, from repositionable double-sided adhesive tape to extra-strong double-sided adhesive tape.

Some specific types of double-sided adhesive tape do not have a carrier, e.g. double-sided transfer tapes, acrylic foam tapes, VHB® tapes, etc.

All our ranges of double-sided adhesive tapes are available in the form of log rolls (parent rolls), rolls (custom width) and shapes cut to your specifications.


The main desirable properties of backings for pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes are:

  • Superior mechanical properties: tensile, shear and compressive strength, resistance to abrasion and elongation, etc.
  • High-level resistance to chemicals: solvents, acids, etc.
  • Ability to provide a non-stick surface
  • Ability to perform at high temperature and low temperatures
  • Resistance to environmental conditions: moisture, salty air, corrosion, vibrations, humidity
  • Help for surface protection
  • Waterproof
  • Electrical properties: dielectric strength with electrical tape 

Moreover, we also offer a broad range of accessories: tape dispenser, guns and surface preparation products.