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By applying the experience it has acquired in the Electronics sector, ADDEV Materials offer its customers technical and customised solutions that combine advisory services with manufacturing capabilities for cutting and repackaging of liquids.


To enable us to support your design departments and R&D teams in defining requirements specifications, we have developed technical expertise in a range of products dedicated to resolving issues specific to electronics:

  • Thermal pads (acrylic, silicone, Kapton®)
  • Resins & varnishes (PU, epoxy, silicone, acrylic, polyester, etc.)
  • Adhesive tapes & components
  • Adhesives & sealants (cyanoacrylate, epoxy, PU, methacrylate, silicone, etc.)
  • Technical grade films
  • Greases, gels and chemicals (surface treatment, painting)


We operate an ISO 8 clean room at our Valence manufacturing site to ensure that we meet the stringent quality requirements expected in this market.

ADDEV Materials works with the sector’s leading international players, equipment manufacturers and EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) to drive innovation and help its customers meet the challenges of miniaturisation and productivity in electronics.

Our main solutions in Electronics

ADDEV Materials supports the development of electronic equipment for use in numerous sectors, such as: Automotive, Aeronautics, Space, Healthcare and Smart Buildings.

Our products are used in applications such as:


  • Solder resist
  • Heat dissipation/Temperature management 
  • Electrical conductivity 
  • Encapsulation 
  • Bonding and strengthening of components 
  • Conformal coatings for printed circuit boards 
  • Electrical insulation 
  • Assembly of electronic devices 
  • Sealing of electronic devices 

Our added value

Our product expertise

For several years, ADDEV Materials has developed its expertise in materials dedicated to the Electronics market. The Group’s experience and understanding of the market makes it a partner of choice for the co-development of technical solutions based on the following product technologies:


  • Customised adhesive tapes and components: single-sided, double-sided, all types of backings/supports and adhesives (insulating and conductive)
  • Technical grade films: polyimide, PET, PP, PE and thermoreactive epoxy films
  • Foams and elastomers: PU, PE, silicone and neoprene foams compatible with electronics, in a range of densities
  • Adhesives, sealants, resins and varnishes: PU, epoxy, acrylic, silicone, MS Polymer and other technologies. One-part and two-part
  • Papers & fibers: meta-aramid technologies, non-woven papers, vulcanised fibres

Our manufacturing capabilities for cutting and adding functions to materials

We are commited to deliver converted or cut materials in their most finished possible form

The purpose of laminating is to combine materials to enhance the properties of a single film.

Lamination is a process whereby an adhesive layer is applied to a material.

ADDEV Materials offers customised packaging and component quantities to meet your requirements.

ADDEV Materials examines customers’ requirements to provide fully adapted custom design to implementation solutions for parts cut to the required shape.


Technical support

As high performance experts, technical consulting and the development of tailor-made solutions is at the heart of our business.

It is in this sense that our teams work closely with our customers.


Among the accompaniments proposed:


  • Technical advices: Advocate or develop the best solution
  • Performance Tuning: Adding Features and Improving Material Properties
  • Realization of prototypes: In rolls, pieces or formats
  • Technical studies: Realization of comparative tests in the laboratory
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International presence

ADDEV Materials is an international company with manufacturing plants across Europe and in North America which can provide worldwide support for its customers:


  • Europe: France, Belgium, Poland
  • North America: USA, Canada
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