ADDEV Materials

Added value

“All our customers’ production processes are unique. Therefore, the idea of a universal, standard product goes against our business philosophy, which is to provide bespoke solutions for our clients’ challenges and requirements, while offering products and services that are perfectly adapted to their processes.” 


ADDEV Materials combines the performance of its materials with the knowledge and skills of its people to provide lasting solutions to meet the world’s technical challenges in the most innovative markets.

We partner with the leading global manufacturers (3M, Dupont, etc.) and from the very heart of the value chain we bring our added value to our industrial customers by:

  • Leveraging our whole range of products and our technical know-how to recommend tailored high performance materials, such as adhesives, films and glues.
  • Converting these innovative solutions using a broad selection of technologies (cutting, adhesive coating, lamination)
  • Offering distinctive high value-added services across our whole product offering, such as kitting, site delivery, storage and inventory management, etc.

With a wide range of products and our converting processes enhanced by our bespoke service offering, we are able to provide effective and efficient solutions to meet the challenges of the most demanding markets.

1. Providing the best product through smart sourcing and partnering with suppliers


Partnering with major chemical producers and world class manufacturers, we offer one of the widest ranges of high performance materials on the market. By converting and cutting more than 15,000 products to produce more than 40,000 bespoke solutions, we are able to satisfy all your requirements. 

2. Continuously improving our product and process expertise to offer you the best technical solution


Our partnerships with players all along the value chain make us a specialist on our markets. We contribute our technical expertise to help you specify the solution that best matches your applications and manufacturing processes. 

3. Enhancing material properties through adhesive application, lamination, coating etc. to comply with the most demanding specifications


Using different technologies, such as lamination, coating, adhesive application and others, we enhance the properties of our materials to give them new functions and thereby satisfy the most demanding specifications.

4. Custom-cut materials delivered in their most finished form possible to meet your needs


Using our many customisable cutting technologies, we are able to deliver our materials in the most finished form that is ready to be used in your processes. We can supply materials cut to shape and/or dimension, in customised quantities and containers, and in rolls, sheets or special formats.

5. A strong network of subsidiaries, offices and agents in France and abroad to be close to our partners


Our network in France and abroad ensures that we have subsidiaries, offices and agents close to our customers.

6. Adapting our logistics and packaging services to provide effective kitting for your processes; specific transport conditions, etc.


Providing agile, top-level services is a given for us that we strive constantly to achieve. Our natural customer focus has led us continuously to grow our service offering. Enabling you to outsource your logistics services, repackaging quantities and delivering materials direct to your lines, transporting hazardous materials and kitting are all examples of what we can offer. If you can determine your needs, we can satisfy them!

“There are thousands of solutions available for your business. One of them is the best. Let’s develop it together!”