II.	Innovating differently
ADDEV Materials

Innovating differently

Innovation is at the very heart of the ADDEV Materials mission statement:

Wherever innovative materials are key, we deliver converting and services”. 

We are convinced that we will secure the projects of the future by combining a whole mix of different knowledge and skills. To achieve this, we have set up a collaborative approach to innovation around our in-house concept of “Innov’ADDEV Lab”.

We also invite all stakeholders to our Innovation Meetings to harness ideas and desires, so as to reveal shared ambitions and anticipate our customers’ future needs.

Our collaborative innovation approach enables us to make our customers more effective and competitive, and able to conquer new markets.

 "Collaborative innovation to drive your growth with the Innov’ADDEV lab.”

1. Working with stakeholders


We invite all our stakeholders, customers, employees and suppliers, as well as research labs and elite schools to join our meetings and develop shared projects together.

2. Developing creative synergies


Our innovation committees work to develop creative synergies that engender novel ideas. Apart from these important events, our in-house teams work together with our industrial customers on a daily basis in order to determine likely avenues for future innovation.

3. Trialling

Our laboratory based in Saint Chamond, about 50 kilometres (30 miles) from Lyons in France has some of the latest equipment running fully integrated processes so that our solutions can be reliably trialled before full implementation.


10 Innov’ADDEV lab. projects ongoing this year

>100 prototypes prepared each year

>1000 tests carried out on our high performance materials each year


4. Generating value

With our innovative solutions you can anticipate future challenges. By turning innovative projects into concrete reality, we enable our partners to be more effective and competitive. With better productivity they can conquer new markets. 


Let’s innovate as partners! Join Innov’ADDEV lab. and together let’s uncover future businesses!