Aeronautics, Space & Defense
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Aeronautics, Space & Defense

ADDEV Materials is a preferred supplier to the Aeronautics, Space & Defense market and offers its customers product expertisecustomized packaging solutions and industrial cutting processes backed up by a broad range of added value services.

Supported by its supplier partners, ADDEV Materials has developed an extensive range of aerospace-approved and standard products:


  • Glues & chemical products (lubricants, oils, greases, etc.)
  • Technical films (Kapton, Tedlar, PI films, PVF films)
  • Adhesive tapes & shapes
  • Materials for the manufacture of composite materials (peel plies, felts, etc.)
  • Structural films
  • Composite materials (prepregs, honeycombs)


With a multi-plant structure and a network of sales offices around the world, ADDEV Materials has the organisational resources needed to partner the leading international players: manufacturers, tier-1 equipment manufacturers and their subcontractors, airlines and MRO operators.


Our added value



ADDEV Materials applies its technical expertise in chemical products and films to provide its customers with the support they need to develop new projects. With our R&D capabilities and technical expertise we can help you find the right product or solution. ADDEV Materials is the ideal partner to develop your innovations.

One-part and two-part glues, mastics, surface treatments, oils and greases, etc.

Technical films used in the manufacture of composite material subassemblies, space applications, etc.

Among our brands
3m Aerospace
Dow corning

Our packaging and custom cutting solutions

ADDEV Materials has a wealth of experience with customized packaging, accurate component quantity control and industrial cutting. This can help you to save timeimprove your traceability and enhance the accuracy of your operations and reduce the volume of chemical waste you produce.


Every day ADDEV Materials experts innovate to offer customers new, more complete and ready-to-use products to take your projects to the next level.

ADDEV Materials offers customised packaging and component quantities to meet your requirements.

We are commited to deliver converted or cut materials in their most finished possible form

ADDEV Materials examines customers’ requirements to provide fully adapted custom design to implementation solutions for parts cut to the required shape.


ADDEV Materials uses various processes to cut all soft, flexible products into specified formats such as A4, A3 or any other dimensions.

The purpose of laminating is to combine materials to enhance the properties of a single film.


Our added value services

Regardless of your priority, the aim of our value added services is to cater to your requirements with:.

We offer a service whereby kits of your various components are made up and shipped to you with a view to simplifying and optimising the supply flows for your production lines. For our kitting service, we compile the various products you need into a single, production-ready batch.

To enhance the performance of its customers and cut their lead times to a minimum, ADDEV Materials can deliver straight to your customers or subcontractors. The products or parts can be delivered directly to a production line, to a schedule defined jointly.

ADDEV Materials offers storage services to help its customers meet the challenges associated with warehousing.

For the aeronautical sector in particular, ADDEV Materials is able to transport dangerous goods in compliance with specific regulations.

We produce a prototype which conforms to your specification so that you can test and validate your concept quickly and in real-world conditions.

Main applications

Cabin interiors

Aerospace-approved and standard materials for bonding floorings, installing galley elements, surface protection for luggage lockers:


  • Assembly
  • Weight reduction
  • Protection
  • Insulation



Release products used during the manufacture of composite parts, aerospace-approved products for the manufacture of structural elements:


  • Insulation
  • Protection
  • Assembly

The company provides a comprehensive range of services - from recommending a product through to direct delivery to a production line - tailored to the specific challenges associated with on-board electronics (miniaturisation of components, heat dissipation):


  • Insulation
  • Protection
  • Assembly
  • Marking

A comprehensive offering of products and services for maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft, from the “A check” to the heavy maintenance visit:


  • Masking
  • Protection
  • Assembly
  • Marking

Multi-layer insulation (MLI) films, resins, varnishes, tapes and cut shapes for electronic equipment:


  • Insulation
  • Assembly
  • Protection
Implantations ADDEV Materials Aerospace & Defense

International presence

Via its business units dedicated to Aerospace & Defense, ADDEV Materials has the capability to support its customers anywhere in the world:

  • ADDEV Dimex: Toulouse (France) site, EN 9100 certified
  • VMS Aircraft: San Diego, CA (USA) site, AS 9120 certified
  • Sales offices: Mexico, Canada, Poland, Middle East, Australia, Greece
Some of our customers
Airfrance industries
UTC Aerospace Systems
Dassault systems
Our certifications

Dimex, VMS AIrcraft