Construction & Building
ADDEV Materials

Construction & Building

For the Construction & Building market, ADDEV Materials combines its expertise in high-performance materials with its understanding of what its industrial customers need to devise and produce tailored technical solutions. These solutions draw from technologies developed to produce various materials and from products commercialised under our own brand (Eurobands) or via our partnerships with established suppliers (3M, Nitto, tesa, DuPont de Nemours, etc.):


  • Adhesive tapes & shapes (aluminium, butyl, films, acrylic foam, etc.)
  • Foams & adhesive-coated foams (PU foam, silicone foam, complexes of foams and adhesives)
  • Adhesives & mastics (one-part and two-part glues, PU mastics, silicone mastics, etc.)
  • Technical papers and films (Nomex, Kapton, PET films)


ADDEV Materials offers comprehensive added-value solutions suited to numerous applications – Cladding & Façades, Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning, Exterior joinery, etc. – and innovates in response to new developments such as smart buildings, indoor air quality requirements, energy efficiency, etc.

Main applications of our products in Construction & Building

Heating – Ventilation – Air Conditioning

We develop solutions specifically for specialist manufacturers and retailers of HVAC and air handling equipment for joining and sealing ventilation ducts, reducing vibration in suction systems, etc.:


  • Sealing
  • Joining
  • Sound insulation
  • Permanent assembly
External joinery, etc.

Comprehensive ranges for the assembly, sealing and installation of all types of windows (aluminium, wood, PVC, combinations), doors and shutters:


  • Permanent assembly
  • Sealing
  • Sound insulation
  • Surface protection


Cladding & Facades

High-performance materials for the structural assembly of glazed facades, curtain walls and panel cladding:


  • Structural assembly
  • Sealing
  • Surface protection
Home automation & smart buildings

Comprehensive ranges suited to the manufacture of electronic sensors, the insulation of motors for roller shutter doors or the assembly of internal lift panels:


  • Permanent assembly
  • Electrical insulation
  • Surface protection
  • Sealing
  • Marking

Our added value


Single-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes, aluminium foil, butyl, PU foam

One- and two-part adhesives, sealants and adhesive-sealants. 


Polyurethanes, PVC, polyethylene, neoprene, silicone...



Our manufacturing capabilities for cutting and functionalisation of surfaces

We are commited to deliver converted or cut materials in their most finished possible form

The purpose of laminating is to combine materials to enhance the properties of a single film.

ADDEV Materials examines customers’ requirements to provide fully adapted custom design to implementation solutions for parts cut to the required shape.


Lamination is a process whereby an adhesive layer is applied to a material.

ADDEV Materials offers customised packaging and component quantities to meet your requirements.

Technical support

Accompagnement R&D

As high performance experts, technical consulting and the development of tailor-made solutions is at the heart of our business.
It is in this sense that our teams work closely with our customers.

Among the accompaniments proposed:

  • Technical advices: Advocate or develop the best solution
  • Performance Tuning: Adding Features and Improving Material Properties
  • Realization of prototypes: In rolls, pieces or formats
  • Technical studies: Realization of comparative tests in the laboratory

International presence

ADDEV Materials is an international company with manufacturing plants across Europe and in North America which can provide worldwide support for its customers:

  • Europe: France, Belgium, Poland
  • North America: USA, Canada
Some of our customers
Saint Gobain
Arcelor Mittal Construction
Schneider Electric