Adhesive tapes

ADDEV Materials is a converter of high performance materials and offers one of the largest ranges of materials on the market, with more than 15,000 converted and die-cut products as well as 40,000 customised products.

More specifically, we produce a wide range of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes for applications ranging from masking, sealing, and floor marking to thermal protection and high performance repair and assembly work.

ADDEV Materials thus offers many different variants and types of tape products, single-sided and double-sided tapes that meet the needs of professional users.

When determining the type of adhesive tape you need, you need to consider the characteristics of its two key elements: the backing and the adhesive


The flexible backing “carries” the adhesive and can be made from various materials: paper, film (polypropylene, polyethylene, polyimide (Kaptonâ)), polyester, PTFE, PVC, metal foil (aluminium, copper, lead), rubber, foam, glass cloth, cloth,…

Each backing has specific technical characteristics which suit specific applications.

The main desirable properties of backings for pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes are:

  • Superior mechanical properties: tensile, shear and compressive strength, resistance to abrasion and elongation, etc.
  • High-level resistance to chemicals: solvents, acids, etc.
  • Ability to provide a non-stick surface
  • Ability to perform at very high temperature and very low temperatures
  • Resistance to environmental conditions: moisture, salty air, corrosion, vibrations, humidity
  • Help for surface protection and waterproof
  • Electrical properties: dielectric strength with electrical tape 


There are three main families of adhesive:

  • Rubber adhesive: Its versatility and low cost are its most attractive features. Its tack and initial adhesion are high, however, its holding power at high and low temperatures and when in contact with chemicals and plasticisers is limited.

Its characteristics make it a good choice for indoor applications.

  • Acrylic adhesive: Although its initial adhesion is average, its holding power gradually increases over time to a high final value. It offers good (or even excellent and high strength) mechanical properties as well as resistance to ageing, UV, low temperatures, moisture, solvents and plasticisers - which make it a perfect choice for permanent outdoor applications.

Acrylic adhesives provide an effective assembly solution for low surface energy materials (e.g. plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, etc.)

One of its characteristics is that it is transparent tape; this makes it an ideal adhesive for assembling transparent materials.

  • Silicone adhesive: Although its initial adhesion is low and its resistance to hydrocarbons and plasticisers is low, silicone adhesives offer excellent adhesion to siliconised materials and excellent resistance to extreme temperatures.


Building on our partnerships with numerous players operating at different stages in the production and distribution chain, we have developed specialist skills in our markets with a comprehensive range of adhesives. By applying our technical expertise we can help you choose the solution which optimally satisfies your requirements and complements your manufacturing processes.

Moreover, we also offer a broad range of accessories: tape dispenser, guns and surface preparation products.