Adhesives & sealants

Adhesives & sealants

ADDEV Materials is a converter of high performance materials and offers a broad range of adhesives and sealants developed for all types of applications.

Despite the many mechanical assembly methods available (welding, riveting, bolting, etc.), bonding has now become a credible alternative that decreases mechanical stresses and reduces the weight of structures, notably in the aerospace and aeronautics sector:

  • excellent mechanical resistance to elongation, pull-off and shear
  • compatibility with numerous substrates
  • easy to use
  • resistance to high temperature and low temperature
  • distribution of loads
  • aesthetic appeal
  • preservation of the integrity of the materials and of their adhesion properties
  • optimisation of costs
  • weight reduction of structures, anti corrosion

We offer a broad range of adhesives and sealants (structural adhesives, assembly adhesives and sealant sealants). Moreover, we provide assistance to customers by recommending the best solution for each individual application - in the automotive, transport, aeronautical, construction, medical or manufacturing sectors.

  • For all the various applications and substrates involved, we offer a very broad range of adhesives: one-part or two-part
  • Epoxy adhesive, acrylic adhesive, cyanoacrylate adhesive, PU adhesive, silicone adhesive, etc.
  • Which cure due to exposure to UV, at room temperature or due to the action of catalysts
  • Packaged in pots, cartridges, aerosols or syringes

We also offer a comprehensive range of surface preparation primers and adhesive application aids and tooling (guns, spatulas, scrapers, dispenser, cartridges, etc.)