Papers & Fibers

Papers & Fibers

We offer a wide range of papers and fibers and help our customers to find the best solution:

Nomex® flexible insulation papers and Nomex®-based laminates were developed by DuPont™.

TYVEK® is a non-woven, 100%-recyclable film made of synthetic HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene) randomly-oriented filaments.

XAVAN® is a non-woven film made of polypropylene fibres distributed in such a way as to obtain a uniform structure with good mechanical properties in both axes of the structure’s.

A high-performance non-woven synthetic polyester fabric characterised by its tear resistance and good malleability

VILEDON® is a non-woven material based on fibres (aramid or polyester) which offer very good electrical insulation and thermal stability properties.

TERBOND® products are non-woven fabrics made of needle-punched polyester fibres (or filaments).

KRAFT ® cellulose papers are made from plant cellulose (the fibre contained in wood) and have good electrical and thermal insulation properties

Vulcanized fibers is produced by laminating plies of 100% cellulose paper after saturation phases in zinc chloride and acid baths.

Transformerboard is a cardboard made from several layers (or plies) of cellulose-based paper which is pressed using a combination of heat and pressure to form a dense and rigid board.