Delivery on production line
ADDEV Materials

Delivery on production line

To enhance the performance of its customers and cut their lead times to a minimum, ADDEV Materials can deliver straight to your customers or subcontractors. The products or parts can be delivered directly to a production line, to a schedule defined jointly.


We deliver to sites around the world, and can include in the shipment your documents for deliveries to your customers and subcontractors.

Boost your performance!

In a context of increasing pressures on costs, just-in-time deliveries reduce lead times considerably and leave you with less stock to manage and thus fewer products at end-of-life.

By generating higher levels of responsiveness and more cash flow, ADDEV Materials helps to improve the performance of your processes.

Our supply services

As an international company with sites world-wide, ADDEV Materials can supply you with European and American products. We group your orders for American and European products and deliver to your sites around the world.