ADDEV Materials


We offer a service whereby kits of your various components are made up and shipped to you with a view to simplifying and optimising the supply flows for your production lines. For our kitting service, we compile the various products you need into a single, production-ready batch. We package up the cut product required for your production processes in accordance with your specifications and then ship these subassemblies, or kits to you

Are you looking to optimise your supply chain to improve efficiency and reduce costs?

Our kitting service will generate economies of scale for you by promoting a just-in-time approach to production with smaller stock volumes.

    Kitting offers many advantages:
    • Simplicity: your whole order is grouped under a single reference
    • Efficiency: optimise your logistic performance by receiving deliveries synchronised to your manufacturing schedule, backed up by urgent deliveries, to keep stock to a minimum
    • Productivity: your logistic flows are synchronised from the production stage onwards, saving you time and space
    • Savings: only order what you need