ADDEV Materials


The development and innovation teams at ADDEV Materials offer prototyping services set up to produce parts using materials identical to those used in your end product (coated films, multi-layers, adhesive parts, rigid parts …).

Do you know exactly what you want?

We produce a prototype which conforms to your specification so that you can test and validate your concept quickly and in real-world conditions.

Are you looking for a solution to an issue relating to the use of the product or to a specific environmental challenge?

Our engineers can advise you on selecting materials and processes and work with you to develop the solution best suited to meeting your project requirements.


ADDEV Materials can use its various machines to validate the design and manufacture your future products: induction laminating machine for multi-layer products, NC cutting tables for cutting small numbers of parts, etc.


Our in-house laboratory is tasked with checking the product’s strength and properties:

  • surface energy
  • permeability
  • resistance to ageing
  • physical
  • chemical and mechanical properties

ADDEV Materials supports its customers across numerous business sectors, such as automotive manufacturing, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, etc.