ADDEV Materials

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) / Consignment

Our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program provides our customers with a turnkey and robust inventory and supply chain management system. Our solution is designed to streamline the process of chemical, tape and film product management to remove any duplicated process waste. It is our intention to “customize” our support services to the specific objectives of our customers in offering high value-added services: shelf-life management, consignment, replenishment, monthly invoicing, material recycling program, forward stocking location (FSL)…


A win-win program :

  • Improves inventory turnover for both supplier and customer
  • Customer receives inventory Just In Time (JIT) with “ZERO” working capital
  • VMI Provides highest level of customer service
  • Supplier benefits by holding the right amount of inventory needed by the customer
  • Supplier has predictable sales 
  • Supplier and customer build mutually beneficial and supportive relationship
  • Supplier and customer save costs from simpler procurement/order processing