Single sided adhesive tapes

Single sided adhesive tapes

Single-sided adhesive tapes comprise a backing coated on one side with a high strength adhesive.

The backing is thin and flexible and may be made from various materials: paper, metal foil (aluminium, copper, lead, ….), polyester, cloth, polyethylene, PVC, PTFE Teflon®, polyimide (Kapton®), etc.

The backing is coated with an adhesive selected from one of the three main families: acrylic, silicone, rubber.




The main desirable properties of backings for pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes are:

  • Superior mechanical properties: tensile, shear and compressive strength, resistance to abrasion and elongation, etc.
  • High-level resistance to chemicals: solvents, acids, etc.
  • Ability to provide a non-stick surface
  • Ability to perform at high temperature and low temperatures
  • Resistance to environmental conditions: moisture, salty air, corrosion, vibrations, humidity
  • Help for surface protection
  • Waterproof
  • Electrical properties: dielectric strength with electrical tape 

Moreover, we also offer a broad range of accessories: tape dispenser, guns and surface preparation products.