Two-parts polyurethane PU adhesives

Two-parts polyurethane PU adhesives

Two-part polyurethane adhesive is an adhesive comprised of urethane and a hardener kept in two separate packs or compartments, which cure at room temperature due to air-borne moisture.

Compared with one-part polyurethane adhesive, the rate of cure is the same in the core as it is at the periphery of the adhesive joint.


The main attractive features of two-part polyurethane adhesives are that they give the assembly high resistance to impacts and vibrations, thanks to their high elasticity (the product can be used to assemble materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion), and its impressive mechanical performance (the product can bond and seal at the same time).


Two-part polyurethane adhesives are suited to assembling a wide variety of materials, notably porous materials (concrete, plaster, etc.), metals, glass and a large number of thermoplastic materials and composites.

Excellent resistance to plasticizers
Flexibility and elasticity
Excellent mechanical strength (tensile and shear)
Bonding and sealing at same time
High resistance to temperature
Excellent resistance to hydrolysis

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Typical applications

  • Assembling (original build)
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